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Battery Back Up Systems installed in Columbus

Battery-Backup Systems in Columbus

With the arrival of spring comes the chances of snow rapidly melting, rivers full of extra springwater, and frequent rainstorms that have a tendency to raise groundwater tables. Unfortunately, this also means a rise in flooded basements and crawlspaces, and it only takes a few inches of standing water to ruin metal fixtures, wooden posts, mechanical systems, and sentimental household items.

If your home is one that experiences water penetrating your basement or crawl space, then your home should be fully equipped to fight back in the form of a sump pump. It's an electric pump that ensures that water enters it, and the sump pump leads the water away from your home and outside with the use of a PVC pipe.

The good thing about electric sump pumps is that they're both effective and affordable. For all their great points, however, there is one drawback: electric sump pumps don't work when there's a blackout.

When rainstorms knock out your power, your basement is now at risk of being flooded, with the sump pump out of action just when their homeowners need them the most.

To prevent this from happening, your best bet is to get a battery-backup sump pump. This is a simple two-stage system that includes an electric sump pump connected to a backup pump, running off of a deep-cycle marine battery. It's a good thing, because when the weather is all right, your sump pump performs as usual. But when the electricity goes out, then the battery-powered backup pump can automatically start, when the sump pit is full of water.

Having a battery backup sump pump is useful to have, in case of an impending power outage, and the backup sump pump can come with an electric charger so that the battery backup-pump is fully charged, ready to go at a moment's notice.

Battery Backup Tips

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  • Don't forget to install a check valve to prevent water from going back into the sump pit, and make sure to seal the threaded ends of the valve using Teflon tape.
  • Make sure that the marine battery is in a protective plastic case, and keep it safe on a secure, wall-mounted shelf. As much as possible, you shouldn't leave it on the floor.
  • When pumping the water towards the outdoors, make sure that the water is being released onto a downhill slope, away from the house. Otherwise, it might just drain back into your basement or crawl space.

Backup You Can Count On

When it comes to backup, we at Healthy Basement Solutions have the best products on sale, especially if you need to prepare for any disaster that may occur. Aside from battery backup systems, we also have dehumidifiers and various sump pump systems available. Should you need anything else, we can also help you with dry rotcrawl space ventilation, and foundation crack repairs--and many more. If you're in Metropolitan Columbus, or in the surrounding area, call 614-333-0555 immediately, and you'll have our full attention.

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