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Mold Causing Allergens in Columbus, OH

Mold Causing Allergens in Columbus, OH

If you find that nasal allergies still bother you even after winter has already gone, you may have a mold allergy on your hands. Mold is, unfortunately, everywhere: it's found in the leaves outdoors, it's the prime reason for rotting wood and it can grow indoors, in the corners of damp basements and bathrooms. The likelihood of mold allergies becoming a year-round occurrence is quite real.

The specific symptoms are similar to most nasal allergies, and includes sneezing, a runny or stuffy nose, and itchy, watery eyes. If left untreated, mold allergies have the potential to evolve into more dangerous health problems. To control this kind of allergy, avoiding mold completely whenever possible is key--and although it will be nearly impossible to avoid mold outdoors, indoors you can successfully limit your exposure to it by making sure it never steps foot into your home.

How Mold Causes Allergies

The fungus is actually helpful in the natural world, as it serves to break down dead plant matter. Instead of seeds, mold spreads and grows using spores. A bunch of these tiny mold spores is what can trigger the allergic reaction in people, but not all types of mold can cause allergies.

Mold is fond of humidity, so if you want to control the outbreak of this fungus, seek to control areas that have a tendency to get moist or damp. Pay close attention to bathroom tiles, sinks, damp basements, crawl spaces and even areas around windows, where condensation can form.

  • When showering, having an exhaust fan in the bathroom will help.
  • Make sure that your clothes dryers and stoves are properly vented--this helps reduce moisture and humidity levels in your home.
  • Be diligent in cleaing your bathroom, as tiles, shower curtains and soap scum can be good hiding places for mold.
  • Aim to fix all plumbing problems and leaks as soon as they are spotted, and mop up excess moisture. It only takes 48 hours for mold to start growing. It's best to be thorough and cautious now, rather than fix a bigger problem later.

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