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House Mold in Columbus, OH

House Mold in Columbus, OH

House Mold in Columbus, OH

Whether the first signs of mold appear as black spots all over your shower curtain, on the basement floor as white patches, or even in your kitchen drain, colored orange, finding mold at home is often a disconcerting, unpleasant surprise.


Where Does Mold Grow?

Mold can grow almost anywhere. It can be on walls, floors, appliances, carpet, and even your furniture.  All these places can provide the food that mold requires to grow which is moisture. By cutting off the mold's water supply, you can effectively control this situation.

You are most likely to see mold in the rooms of your house that retain the most moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements and crawl spaces.

The Smell of Mold

When you enter a room in your home and it smells suspiciously musty, that's when you should be aware of mold that may be growing hidden away in your house.

It's vital that you thoroughly have your home inspected before the mold problems get worse.

Tips for Controlling Mold

  • Wet Materials Need to Be Dried

    Mold usually grows within two days, if under the right conditions. If you leave a wet towel or any other item lying around collecting moisture, this gives mold the opportunity to grow, and before placing any item in storage, ensure that it's completely dry.

    If you have items that are occasionally used, such as camping gear, put them away in areas where air is circulating. There's nothing more unpleasant than finding out you had put away a wet tent after a camping trip and when you reach for it again, it's covered in mold.

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  • Cleaning, Drying, Disinfecting is Good for You

    Sinks or floors are also some of mold's favorite places to hide, especially if they're wet. If these surfaces are non-porous, such as tile, stone or laminate, this makes a perfect backdrop for cleaners and disinfectants. Try out a vapor steam cleaner for disinfecting, and make sure that absolutely no moisture remains. Making sure that the surfaces are dry is essential and prevents other hazards from happening.

  • Reduce Moisture Levels

    During your shower, moisture seeps into nooks and crannies, places that are more challenging to clean. If you run an exhaust fan while bathing, you can help minimize the moisture levels in the bathroom and eliminate mold growth.

  • Fix plumbing Leaks

    Leaks are caused by pipes that have already disintegrated. Replace old pipes as soon as they seem worn and old. Moisture from a leaky pipe can travel much, much further than you think. The areas that you neglect--that is where moisture accumulates and where mold loves to grow, so keep alert.

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