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Mold Prevention in Columbus, OH

Mold Prevention in Columbus, OH

Homeowners will find it extremely unpleasant when they wander into their basement, crawlspace, or even their kitchen or bathroom and see or smell mold. Mold can not only wreck your overall health, but it can also put a dent in your wallet if not handled properly.

The main things mold needs to grow is moisture, and a food source. In a home, mold can feed on wood, drywall and other building materials, but we can practically control moisture and by keeping it low, we can prevent the return of mold growth.

Prevent Moisture, Eliminate Mold

Typically, mold requires up to two days before it begins to grow. Before then, you should make sure that any damp materials have already dried.

Prevent Water Leaks

Another factor that adds to moisture problems is water leaks. These include any leaky pipes, roofs, walls, taps, or even your shower. It's wiser to fix all of these leaks without delay once you find them, and it's also helpful to scan the area for any water leaks you may have, but didn't know about.

Prevent Condensation

Condensation is what forms on cold surfaces when the water vapor cools and becomes a liquid. This is the moisture we see forming on metal pipes, concrete walls, windows and water tanks.

One way to successfully lower condensation is to keep the temperature of your room warm -- this can be done in various ways, such as by having insulation installed, or having covers placed on your metal pipes. As long as you keep humidity to a minimum, chances are you won't be getting a lot of condensation.

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Reduce Humidity

There are species of mold that can grow from humidity alone, provided it's kept on high for a long time. As long as humidity levels are higher than 55%, there are some species of mold that can begin to grow in your home. One of the best ways to keep humidity low is to have superior ventilation.

Don't forget to open the windows during hot days, because this is when humidity is lowest outside. During rainy days, keep your windows tightly shut. As a rule, it's a good idea to have ventilation in rooms where steam and moisture can build up, such as in your bathroom or kitchen. Getting some exhaust fans will help keep humidity low when you're cooking or bathing.

Having dedicated air conditioners can also reduce the humidity in the air, as well as using dehumidifiers.

Dry your Wet Clothes

Sometimes moisture problems can occur from wet clothes, so it's important to dry your clothes immediately after washing. Don't leave them bundled up in a wet heap for too long, and you shouldn't leave wet clothes lying around, either.

If you have an outdoor clothesline, it's the best option for drying, as an indoor clothesline won't dry them as fast, and the resulting moisture from your clothes will just seep into the air, raising humidity levels.

If you have a clothes dryer in your home, exhaust the air outdoors, and make sure that the room where you dry your clothes in is well-ventilated.

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