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Humidity and Allergies in Columbus, OH

Humidity and Allergies in Columbus, OH

Humidity and Allergies in Columbus, OH

When it comes to control, exercising it over your indoor environment is a vital ingredient in the efforts to reduce allergy symptoms. Home humidity and allergies are linked together: if the air is far too humid or not humid enough, it can have a significant contribution to even more allergies and asthma attacks.


High Humidity and Allergies

Allergy products such as allergy-relief bedding and using microfiber dust cloths are some of the ways to deal with allergens directly. But the products that help control humidity have a significant--though sometimes neglected--impact on the two most common sources of allergens in your home: mold and dust mites.

Dust mites and mold live best in humid environments, with dust mites subsisting on human skin cells that have been shed. When the environment is more humid, the skin absorbs more moisture--making the sloughed-off skin cells a perfect feast for dust mites. When humidity is high, this allows the dust mites to absorb the moisture that they need to live. Insects don't rely on breathing; instead, they absorb directly through their bodies.

A more significant problem is the dust mite feces, which are the primary culprit for dust mite allergens. Humidity is good for dust mites, but bad for people. This significant link between humidity and allergies extends from dust mites, and also includes cockroaches, as their skin cells and feces also contribute to allergy problems.

To control the humidity levels in your home, it's recommended to have a dehumidifier installed, as well as entral or window air conditioning.

When you make sure that the humidity levels fall to below 50%, it should drastically reduce the dust mite population and will ensure that it dies in a few days.

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The other contender for allergens is mold, and is also a problem when the humidity levels go up. It only takes about 14 - 16 hours with over-moist air to activate mold spores that will make its way through ventilation systems to reproduce, leading to health problems such as asthma, allergies and eczema. It's important to dehumidify immediately, especially when these 'ideal' humid conditions are present in your home.

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