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Dust Mites in Columbus, OH

Dust Mites in Columbus, OH

Dust Mites in Columbus, OH

House dust mites are very small creatures. They're just a quarter of a millimeter long, and live off of human skin scales--especially ones that have been digested by mold and live in humid environments. They're hardy creatures and are found in bedding, carpets, and even clothing.

Dust mites are sometimes called bed mites, and are the most common source of allergies from house dust. They multiply easily, especially in warm and humid areas, and die when the humidity falls below 50%. Dust mites float into the air when anyone vacuums, walks on carpets or disturbs the bedding and settle down once the disturbance is gone.

Dust mites are also a common trigger for asthma in children, and a house does not need to be visibly filthy to attract a dust mite allergy. There are particles too tiny to be seen and cannot be removed from normal cleaning. In fact, thoroughly cleaning can further agitate the allergic person's symptoms.

To avoid house dust mites, you can use allergen-proof barrier covers on mattresses, duvets and pillows. The barrier covers should be breathable, and must cover the entire item. Products that have been tried and tested are the best, as they can prevent house dust mite allergens from escaping.

Wash bedding that isn't encased in any barrier covers every week. Aim for at least 60 degrees centigrade and above, to successfully kill mites. The house mite allergen is washed away with water, so if you wash bedding in temperatures lower than this, it will only be temporary, and the mites will survive to produce even more of these allergens. 60 degrees and above is best.

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If there are children who are allergic, make sure that they don't sleep in the bottom bunk, where allergens can fall onto them.

Remove carpeting from concrete floors, because these floors trap moisture--allowing for dust mites and mold spores to thrive. Get the floor sealed with a vapor barrier, and then cover it up with vinyl or linoleum, which are washable.

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