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Dry Rot Removal in Columbus Ohio

Dry Rot Removal in Columbus, Ohio

Wooden structures that look aged and feel brittle are likely infested with dry rot. Dry rot happens when a certain type of fungus slowly breaks down wood fibers. If your property’s wooden structures appear brittle and powdery and if these sections seem to have lost their strength and stiffness, contact Healthy Basement Solutions immediately. We are trained to handle any level of wood rot.

Prevent the Occurrence of Dry Rot Before It’s Too Late

If you want to protect your property from the early signs of dry rot, you need to control the level of moisture in your building. After all, moisture encourages mold and fungal growth. To do this, you can apply the following techniques:

  • Have your basement insulated and crawl space encapsulated
  • Repair all plumbing leaks
  • Install a basement dehumidifier and sump pump

The Advantage of Professional Dry Rot Removal Service

There are two types of wood rot: white rot and brown rot. White rot targets hardwood and has a white or yellow discoloration. It also has a spongy texture and stringy appearance.  On the other hand, brown rot attacks softwood and causes the wood to turn dark brown.

Don’t think that you can treat white or brown rot using DIY methods. Dry rot is often mistaken as termite and carpenter ant damage due to the fact that they share a similar appearance. If you are unfamiliar with dry rot, you may use the wrong treatment and damage your wooden structures even further. If you need to remove dry rot from your Columbus, Ohio property, contact Healthy Basement Solutions at 614-333-0555 pronto. We have the proper equipment and knowledge needed to correctly get rid of the problem. We can also improve your property’s moisture control capabilities with our various basement waterproofing services.

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