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SantaFe Dehumidifier in Columbus, OH

SantaFe Dehumidifier in Columbus, OH

SantaFe Dehumidifier in Columbus, OH

De-humidification - Basements & Crawl Spaces

High-capacity moisture removal and low-temperature operation controls humidity and reduces musty odors to transform your basement into a more comfortable, and healthier one.

Keep away mold-inducing moisture with a Santa Fe Dehumidifier! With its high-capacity moisture removal, and low-temperature operation controls, it makes sure humidity and musty odors are successfully kept at bay. This Santa Fe™ Classic Dehumidifier can successfully remove any moisture that can potentially cause moisture and can fully maintain the EPA-recommended humidity level, which is 45 - 50%. These conditions make it an ideal, odor-free space for storage, or a comfortable living space for you and your family.

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SantaFe Dehumidifier in Columbus, OH If you're the kind of person who stores valuables or sentimental items in your basement, or if you have converted your basement and are now using it as a living space, it's of utmost importance to keep moisture levels low, so that the chances of mold, mildew and bacteria developing is low.

Humidity shold also be kept at a minimum in microenvironments, such as unerneath rugs, carpets, or even storage boxes. Santa Fe offers only the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers, tested to maintain 50% or less humidity in your home, as recommended by the EBA, the American Lung Association, and the American Medical Association.

  • High efficiency, high capacity
  • Superior air filtration
  • Free standing installation
  • Remote duct installation
  • Removes 120 pints/day
  • Blower: 275 CFM @ 0.0 WG
  • Current draw 6.3 amps
  • Size up to: 2500 sq ft.
  • 5yr limited warranty

Energy Star Listed: Uses only 6.8 amps of electricity offering as much as $275 per year in energy savings compared to the conventional dehumidifier. More pints of water per kilowatt of electricity means lower cost of operation.

Large Capacity: This high capacity basement dehumidifier removes up to 100 pints of water per day—enough water removal capacity for areas up to 2,500 square feet.

Low Temp Operation: Powerful enough to control humidity even in the cooler environments of basements. Dehumidifiers are rated at 80°F and 60% relative humidity. At the cooler, real-life temperatures of a basement, the capacity of conventional dehumidifiers drops dramatically.

MERV-11 Filtration: The Santa Fe™ Classic Series utilizes a blower rather than a propeller fan allowing the use of high-efficiency air filtration for improved indoor air quality. Standard MERV-11 filtration is 65% efficient and captures particles from 1.0 to 3.0 microns in size—resulting in effective filtration of most mold spores.

Optional Ductability: Attaching ductwork to the unit promotes air circulation throughout the basement, allowing for placement of the dehumidifier in a remote location such as the mechanical room.

Optional Accessories for the Sante Fe™

Part No. Description
4021453 Santa Fe™ Classic Duct Kit: 8″ and 6″ return and 8″ supply collar
4020623 8″ Supply collar
4022220 Condensate Pump Kit: 3/8″ ID x 20′ long hose with 15′ lift, pump, mounting bracket*
4022561 Muffler Kit*
4020175 Honeywell Dehumidistat (Professional Installation Required)
4021468 Black foam prefilter
4021475 Standard filter (16″ x 20″ x 2″) MERV-11

*The Muffler Kit and Condensate Pump Kit may be used together, but the pump will not be able to be mounted to the unit.

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