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Foundation Crack Repair Services in Columbus, OH

Foundation Crack Repair Services in Columbus, OH

Foundation Crack Repair Services in Columbus, OH

Your property’s foundation is the only thing that is keeping your building up on the ground. Whenever a structure is being built, contractors will always lay down the foundation first because architecturally, it will be easier to construct something with a strong base that will be able to hold the building up for many years. Since your foundation is so important, it is in your best interest to preserve its form and function. However, it is virtually impossible to keep your foundation safe from all disasters, because there are external forces which are more powerful than the capabilities of profesional installations and systems.

Whenever you experience floods or slight movements of the earth, it is highly possible that your foundation will sustain cracks. Now, although this damage seems fairly harmless – depending on the size of the crack and its fissures – it doesn't mean that you can walk away and ignore its existence for a long time.

The Dangers of Foundation Cracks

Homeowners, who tend to forget about the cracks in their foundation, will experience a multitude of structural problems later on. Disasters will continue to strike and, in due time, the tiny crack that they have been avoiding could quadruple in size. When this happens, water will not be the only element they have to worry about.

Cracks that form in your foundation can travel up to the walls of your basement and/or crawl space, and slowly split them - causing the base of your property to weaken. Also, bigger cracks and holes in your foundation can bring in unwanted guests such as vermin and foreign debris, turning both the internal and external areas of your building into something hazardous. The most dangerous problem of all however, is the possibility of your home sinking from your foundation being cracked. When this happens, your foundation can no longer carry the weight of the structure that is overhead and slowly bring your property down.

Our foundation crack repair experts understand the dangers that these structural weaknesses bring. This is why we only rely on professional foundation crack repair systems to take care of the job. CrackShieldTM is guaranteed to stop water seepage, minimize soil gas entry, as well as strengthen and stabilize your building's foundation. Its reliability is unmatched, thanks to the 15 year guarantee it comes with. Here are just a few reasons why you should trust in CrackShieldTM:

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Foundation Crack Repair Services in Columbus, OH
  • Provides a complete set of tools to properly repair your foundation crack
  • Helps contractors repair damaged basement or crawl space walls in a fast and efficient manner
  • Solves even minor cracks, which can eventually expand and cause structural instability or a leak in your basement
  • Has been recognized as the complete solution by many industry leaders in repairing all types of foundation cracks

Have Your Foundation Crack Repaired the Professional Way

Repairing cracks in your foundation is not as easy as repairing cracked tile. If the foundation is buried underground, it will be difficult to dig out your landscaping and fix the problematic areas without the use of the proper tools and gear. If your foundation is going through this dilemma, let us at Healthy Basement Solutions repair your foundation cracks, and we will assure you that your foundation will be left looking new. We can also refortify the walls by utilizing the revolutionary technology of CrackShield™ and FlexShield, thus, prolonging the strength of your foundation.

We also offer various basement and crawl space improvement services such as:

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