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Crawl Space Ventilation by Healthy Basement in Columbus, OH

Crawl Space Ventilation in Columbus, OH

When you have a home that includes a crawl space, there are various options available to you, depending on the foundation type. There are crawl spaces that are vented to the outdoors, but recently, encapsulating the crawl space has gained more favor for green and energy-efficient homes.

Crawl space encapsulation is also seen as a better way to eliminate moisture problems resulting from vented crawl spaces. When you find that your crawl space is the type that suffers from chronic dirt, mold and humidity, then crawl space encapsulation will be a blessing for you and your home. What happens in crawl space encapsulation is that technology separates the crawl space from the ground using a vapor barrier, effectively creating a layer of additional protection between the building and the outside world. Getting your crawl space encapsulated instead of vented is a great way to reduce heating bills and to make sure your home is energy-efficient.

Before Encapsulation

Prior to getting crawl space encapsulation installed, you should make sure that the crawl space is free of vermin and fungi, as these damage the seal around the vapor barrier and will render your efforts useless.

Afterwards, it's a good idea to check if your crawl space is sealed against moisture. A simple method for testing this is by laying down some plastic liner, but you need to get the best liner that you can afford. If you choose low-grade liner, it won't do much to prevent humidity and mold from growing. It's better to buy the best within your budget from the get-go.

The aim of crawl space encapsulation is to prolong the life of your crawl space, reducing the temperature and limiting humidity so that your crawl space or basement becomes less desirable to termites, mold and fungi that can potentially rot wood. This also drastically improves air quality in the crawl space, basement and throughout the rest of your home as well.

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Our crawl space encapsulation experts make use of highly efficient vapor barrier products to ensure maximum ventilation in your crawl spaces. CrawlShieldTM protects crawl spaces from the negative effects of moisture, floor failure, odor, insects, as well as maximize energy efficiency.

It also includes the following features:

  • Reduces moisture and soil gas build up
  • Lowers condensation and the rate of mold growth, thus improving air quality within the building
  • Maximizes crawl space by allowing for more storage to be used
  • Recognized by the industry as one of the leading crawl space barrier application products

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