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Crawl Space Support Posts in Columbus, OH

Crawl Space Support Posts in Columbus, OH

When you experience saggy, bouncy floors above your crawl space, this is a serious cry for help.

It indicates that there are structural problems and that it will worsen over time. If left alone for too long, it can render the floors unsafe while causing unpleasant cracks in wallboards and beneath the baseboard molding.

The reason for the sagging is because the settling columns can't stand up properly, due to the weak supporting soils underneath that just can't take the weight and pressure of the home. In due time, the weak soils will start to shift and settle due to density and moisture content, making the columns and beams slowly move out of position.

Sagging beams and floor joists are caused by improper spacing of the existing pier columns. If placed too far apart, the beams can become overloaded and this is what causes them to bend and sag. When the sagging occurs, this leads to cracks in the walls and other foundation problems.

Regain Support

To remedy this problem, crawl space support posts were invented. It's an adjustable, supplemental support system that's mostly used for crawl spaces, stabilizing and lifting the failing floor joists and beams. Crawl space support beams are made of metal and are installed in a crawl space using support beams.

Crawl space support posts can also be installed in cramped spaces without messing up the concrete, and you don't even need to wait for it to cure. Additionally, they provide immediate results and stabilization and because they are adjustable, can be used to help move floors and walls back to their original position.

It works by transferring the load of the home from the beams and supports into the existing soils, and are much more efficient at bracing homes than just the concrete beams. This is also available as part of a crawl space encapsulation solution.

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