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Crawl Space ThermalShield™ in Columbus, OH

Crawl Space ThermalShield™ in Columbus, OH

To bring out your property’s complete capabilities, you need to equip the proper systems in the right spaces. Preparing rooms (like your basements and attics) with the correct insulating materials will help reduce your energy cost, but did you know that your crawl spaces have that very same ability if you decide to have it insulated, as well?

The price of electricity is always fluctuating and whenever it gets too expensive, you do your part to avoid having to pay a high electrical bill. Usually, refraining from using you electrical devices (e.g. electric fans, air conditioning units, and heaters) will be your immediate action. However, you know very well how uncomfortable your environment can get, especially if the weather is at its extremes. Luckily, by placing ThermalShield™ in your crawl spaces, you will be able to turn on these items again without having to pay for a heavy consequence.

The Advantages of ThermalShield™

ThermalShield™ is a reflective barrier which is usually installed in your attics and home, but we, at Healthy Basement Solutions, believe that having them in your crawl spaces will also do wonders to your property and comfort. It helps move the airflow in your homes by reflecting radiant heat, and thus, creates a temperate atmosphere all year round. Plus, adding this efficient system into your properties will also yield to the following benefits:

  • Increases the value of your property
  • Creates a healthier atmosphere due to its materials: aluminum foil and reinforced polyethylene fabric
  • Reduces your energy costs
  • Makes your living environment even more pleasurable

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If you are interested in introducing your crawl spaces with ThermalShield™, give us a call at: 614-333-0555. We value the condition of your crawl spaces, as well as your basements, and offer various basement waterproofing methods and crawl space drainage systems alike. You may also visit our contact page to know more. Our services are available to properties situated in Metropolitan Columbus and its surrounding areas.

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