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French Drain Services in Columbus, OH

French Drain Services in Columbus, OH

Water is becoming a constant problem for many property owners - not only is it difficult to deal with, but it can greatly affect the condition of the basementas well. Since your basement is located at the lower region of your home, it is the perfect place to harbor a lot of damages, with mold, mildew, wood rotting, and terrible odors, being the most common.

When water has invaded your basement, you know that removing the element via manual or do-it-yourself methods is tedious and time consuming; and there is no guarantee these methods can completely dry the surroundings. It is unwise to leave damp and/or moist areas, because, like what was stated before, it could lead to various kinds of disasters that can affect the form and function of your property, as well as your overall health.

We, at Healthy Basement Solutions, might just have the answer you need to deal with the problem, and it is by having a French drain placed inside your basement.

Have the Professionals Handle the Situation

Though French drains are often seen outside your properties, it can greatly improve the state of your basement. Yes, it is true that you can create a French drain all on your own, but without the help of a professional, more often than not, you will implement the wrong methods and possibly doing more harm than good.  With Healthy Basement Solutions on the job, it is certain that your French drain will flow towards the correct pathway.

An interior French drain does not necessarily prevent water from rushing into your basement. Instead, it catches the water that finds its way inside, and sends it to a sump pump, which then directs it outside. It is a fundamental process for any kind of drainage system, and comes with various advantages, such as:

  • Cheaper than an exterior footing drain
  • Can be built at any time of the year
  • Does not disturb your outside landscaping

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Clients who are interested in getting a French drain can give us a call at: 614-333-0555. We also offer various kinds of basement waterproofing and drainage system services. All of our services are available to properties situated in Metropolitan Columbus and its surrounding areas. Visit our contact page for further details.

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