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GrateDrain™ Installations in Columbus, OH

GrateDrain™ Installations in Columbus, OH

GrateDrain™ Installations in Columbus, OH

A product that is so
far advanced from any
other drainage system on the
market today. Solves the most Difficult
basement water problems.

One of the greatest problems your basement will encounter is water. Whenever it floods, due to natural disasters or a leaky pipe, it is easy for its surroundings to get wet or damp. You might think that drying the area will be simple, and can be treated like any other room on the surface, but since it is beneath your home, removing the remnants of the liquid is not that easy.

Unlike most of your rooms, the basement holds a different purpose, and it is mainly used to store your items. With a lot of clutter getting in your way, completely drying the area (and your stuff) is indeed, a daunting task. Another thing you need to consider is the space. It is dark and humid, thus, giving you a hard time to dry certain areas.

It is unwise to prolong the cleanup, for damages such as wood rotting, musty and pungent odors, and mold and mildew, won’t be too far behind. The best thing you can do to help your basement is to have a drainage system installed. However, no ordinary system would do. If you are looking for the best installment then look no further than the GrateDrain™.

The Remarkable GrateDrain™

Most drainage systems only collect water that is flowing one way, but the GrateDrain™ is able to sustain water coming from all directions. It is designed with rows of holes on each side, openings on both ends, and has dual chambers within the body, allowing the water to flow easily and quickly. The GrateDrain™ also comes with numerous benefits, such as:

  • Prevention of cross-contamination
  • Can be placed in all types of basements because of its custom design
  • Very accessible due to its easy cover and panel access
  • Economical

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GrateDrain™ Installations in Columbus, OH

Quality you can count on!

  • Custom built for every job
  • Dual chamber advantage
  • Isolate iron bacteria
  • Accessible design-easy flush

Give Your Basement the Solution it Deserves

We, at Healthy Basement Solutions, offer the GrateDrain™ and other basement waterproofing systems to properties located in Metropolitan Columbus and the surrounding areas.

We believe that an efficient drain system is the only way to prevent water-related situations from getting worse. So give us a call today at: 614-333-0555 or visit our contact page for further questions and inquiries.

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